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The desire to combine accuracy and reliability, the depth and beauty of glass was the impetus for the creation of the German-Russian project Weißer Glas Elefant, which revives German-Russian cooperation in the field of glass production. The mission of this project is to show the world the magnificent collections of original glass bottles and decanters designed and manufactured with German character and Russian soul.
History reference:
At the end of the XVII century, the masters of Europe invented a recipe for calcium glass, similar to crystal. This material turned out to be ideal for decorating it with various engravings. In the 18th century glass engraving began to be used on an industrial scale. By this time, the great Russian tsar and reformer Peter I created the first glass factories in Russia and, taking into account the old glassmaking traditions of Germany, invites German glassworkers to work. Under their leadership, Russian craftsmen create artistic masterpieces, now kept in the best museums in Europe.

In the WGE portfolio you will find model lines of bottles of various sizes, designed for a wide range of beverages, from mineral water to strong alcohol.

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